3 good reasons to choose a take-away pizza

3 good reasons to choose a take-away pizza

It is always a good time to order a take-away pizza in Ibiza. While relaxing on a beach, sipping cocktails on a boat or simply at the hotel a good pizza is always the key.


Ibiza is an island adapting at every tourist, for those who seek for fun, those who like the suggestive natural landscape or those who prefer to visit historical locations and museums. But this is the place for those who want to eat well, however they like and especially whenever they like.

While relaxing on the beach, on a boat party or at the hotel for a romantic evening, we can provide you one of our several services.

You know how they say… “if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the beach”

What is better than a take away pizza in Ibiza?

Here they are 3 situations where you might need a delivery pizza and how to order it

take away pizza: order one on the beach

Imagine to be laying on one of the beautiful white sand beaches in Playa D’en Bossa. You are hungry while relaxing but you do not have the strength to leave this paradisiac beach. Delivery pizza is what you need. Make a call or download an app to order your take-away pizza in Ibiza, while getting tanned on the beach.

Take-away pizza in Ibiza: do not give it up on the boat

There are no limits at your pizza craving in Ibiza. You can order a pizza even when you are in the middle of a boat party as after few cocktails you tend to eat something more nourishing. Thanks to the delivery services on the island, you can order your pizza at home. Even if you “home” is a boat in the middle of the sea!

Take-away pizza in Ibiza: on a villa or a hotel for a romantic evening

It is well know that in Ibiza people gets out and have fun! But still, sometimes you do not want to go out from your villa or hotel for no good reasons whatsoever! Your soul mate is there with you and you do not need more to be happy. You can then order a take-away pizza in Ibiza, while relaxing comfortably at “home”.

Take away pizza in Ibiza: try delivery service from Ciao Ciao’s

Ciao Ciao’s boasts one of the best delivery services on the island. There are no limits in time or places: this restaurant with 100% Italian staff cooking the best of Italian food will delivery to you special dishes (not only fantastic pizzas) on the boat, on the beach, at the hotel, in villas and apartments. The offer of delivery food also includes drinks, wine and spirits, to make your parties and romantic evenings special.


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