Restaurant for people suffering from coeliac disease in Ibiza: gluten-free risotto on the island

Are you looking for a gluten free restaurant fitted for people who suffer from coeliac disease in Ibiza? A place where you can eat well and avoid bad surprises? CiaoCiao satisfies your requests. Have a look to these tasty gluten-free offers.

Nowadays many people are following a gluten free diet. According to scientific studies, during the last 25 years people suffering from coeliac disease in Europe and in the US have increased fivefold.

Those who suffer from coeliac disease or have a friend or a relative suffering from a gluten intolerance know how difficult is to find a restaurant fitted for them in Ibiza, or somewhere else in Europe or the world.   

Many restaurants are now equipped with gluten-free dishes for them. In Ibiza one leading restaurant in this field is Ciao Ciao, a 100% Italian restaurant that imagined a special menu allowing everybody to eat well with no discrimination.

Restaurant for people suffering from coeliac disease in Ibiza: CiaoCiao and its glute-free dishes

«Long time ago we introduced in our menu gluten free dishes. Customers’ request has increased year after year and it seemed fair to us to offer Italian food to everybody in our restaurant, with no differences», explains Simone Perucci, manager at CiaoCiao’s.

Since 2007 this restaurant has opened its doors in the touristic location of Play D’en Bossa and it has become in few years a reference for those who want to eat gluten-free on the island:

«We tried to understand the real needs of people suffering from coeliac disease coming to our restaurant. We wanted to know which kind of gluten-free diet they preferred. After this necessary stage of observation we provided them different kinds of gluten-free pasta, all our risottos and several dishes of fish fitted for them according to their tastes and preferences », adds Simone.

Restaurant for those who suffer from coeliac disease in Ibiza: CiaoCiao’s presenting its gluten-free risottos

There are three risottos bringing a twinkle to the eyes of those having decided to spend their holidays in Ibiza and needing to eat in a restaurant adapted to the needs of people suffering from coeliac disease. Good news is they do not have to make do with less tasty or quick dishes.

At Ciao Ciao’s food security matches genuine Italian taste and risotto is adapted to a gluten-free diet.

First of all, we present the queen of all risottos made in Italy, which is a dish prepared with shrimps and zucchini for those who cannot turn down the typical seaside taste. Then for those who have stronger cravings, the porcino mushrooms risotto will bring you up to the mountains.   But for meat-eaters your palate can be pleased with a sausage and saffron risotto:

«We love to satisfy the needs of our customers. Suffering from coeliac disease cannot limit you, it must give you chances », highlights Simone.

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